Wednesday, December 22, 2004

My first day of bisness

My first day of bisness
One day while we are watching Double Happines II at channel 8 at around 7 pm, in the middle of the story a boy named Patrick was poor.His mother decided to ask him to stop schooling and sell food at Wenwen's school.Then my mother though of something in mind she said she'll tell us the next morning.
The next morning, she told me to sell lightening batches and neckleses.Then on tuesday I open my own bisness at my school study corner.Just the first day a lot of people buying.I was so busy that I had no time to eat.The next day i've run out of things.People orded a lot until it has no more not even one people felt sad that they
can't buy any.And so I buy more and sell I'm glad to see them smile again.
Next year in 2005 feel free to come to Fuchun pri and buy some I will be near the carpak.If you want email to: ayu_ @165hotmail.com feel free to buy watches, shirts-harry potter and powerpuff girls,scarfs and many more feel free to come!